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Digital TV - Freeview

Our extensive experience in the digital reception field, combined with leading edge equipment and components, makes Vision your ‘one stop shop’ for all digital TV viewing options.

Our expert technicians are based in Otago and Southland. They’re trained to identify what signals are available and discuss all installation options with you. This removes any confusion about what’s available so you can make an informed decision on the best digital Freeview television reception option(s) for your geographical location be it Freeview satellite, Freeview HD, multi-satellite or even a 12v portable satellite dish system for camping. We’ll then then supply and install the latest equipment to enable the best possible digital reception giving you a ‘digitally connected’ lifestyle at the touch of a button.

What is Freeview TV?

In Late 2013 television in New Zealand underwent the biggest change since colour was introduced in 1974 - the switch from analogue TV to a digital transmission system called Freeview TV. You have two ways of receiving the Freeview digital signal:

Freeview Satellite - Standard Definition Digital Satellite TV

Available nationwide via satellite dishes.
Freeview Satellite TV harnesses new transmission technology to deliver perfect digital Freeview TV picture quality anywhere in New Zealand, along with continuity in picture reception and no interference.

A professionally installed satellite dish system is essential to take advantage of Freeview’s digital satellite platform. The signal comes into your house through this dish via a satellite TV system installed by Vision’s technicians and will give you access to TV and radio channels via the Optus D1 satellite.


Freeview HD - High Definition Digital UHF TV

Land based transmission in the main centres only - via UHF aerials.

Since 2008 New Zealand’s main TV channels have screened selected programmes in High Definition (HD). In the South Island Freeview HD is available to homes that can receive good quality UHF aerial signals from the Mount Cargill transmitter in Dunedin, Forest Hill transmitter in Invercargill, Sugarloaf transmitter in Christchurch, Mt Campbell transmitter in Nelson and Cave Hill transmitter in Timaru.

HD offers up to four times better picture resolution than the old analogue TV signal. It produces smoother motion and richer, more natural colours that take full advantage of your TV’s potential. HD also provides 5.1 surround sound which is required for realising the potential of Home Theatre systems.

A professionally installed HD UHF aerial system is essential for reliable viewing of Freeview channels. The location of the UHF aerial on your home is critical to maximise reception and picture quality. Our technicians signal test on your house with state of the art HD Digital test meters to ensure the best quality picture is received.


History – Analogue to Digital TV Switch-over

From analogue to digital TV

In Late 2013 television in New Zealand underwent the biggest change since colour was introduced in 1974 - the switch to digital transmission.

Why did New Zealand move to Digital TV?

  • Picture and sound quality on digital TV is far superior to analogue TV and it was important that New Zealand kept pace with worldwide changes.
  • Overseas programmes are increasingly being recorded in the digital format only and local TV shows need to be produced in this format to be easily exported overseas.

What are the benefits of Freeview digital TV?

  • More channels, more options and more choice with up to 40 crystal clear digital Freeview channels offering DVD quality wide screen pictures and better sound.
  • Interactive features like the Freeview eight day onscreen programme guide – digital TV provides an on-board TV guide allowing viewers to find what they want to watch quickly and easily.
  • Captioning service for the hearing impaired.
  • Parental control.
  • Turning off the analogue signals has also freed up the radio frequency spectrum for other services such as next generation mobile and telecommunication services.

Freeview in New Zealand

  • Freeview HD is available in New Zealand’s main centres. All other areas view via Freeview Satellite.
  • Freeview is FREE - once you’ve purchased a digital set-top box, PVR or integrated digital TV. There are no ongoing costs.

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