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We can change your life and living environment for the better

Let’s face it, watching TV, movies and listening to the radio and music in our homes has a big impact on our daily lives. As does the technology we use and how it’s incorporated into our living environment.

By helping you achieve the right home theatre and/or entertainment solution we really can change your life for the better. That’s what our customers tell us and it’s something we take seriously.

The technology and home entertainment revolution is gaining pace - you may not even know about some of the things that are now possible. You might also be unsure where to start, or what equipment you ‘really’ need to get what you want.

Talk to the experts – whether you’re building a new home, putting a new system into your current place, or want to improve what you’ve already got. The days have gone when all you needed was to have ‘a few things wired up’.

We make the hard technology stuff easy and fun - by unbundling the mystery and then bundling up
the technology you need…everything from SKY, Freeview TV and portable satellite dishes through to hardwired internet data, sound systems, TV screens and Wi-Fi. We’ll also make sure you have the right, ‘easy to use’ control interface and know how to use it.

We do this by following a simple three step process



Discussing your unique needs and what you want to achieve.
Then suggesting the ‘right’ solutions and options.


Looking after everything

Based on what’s been agreed through our consultation process, we’ll design, supply and install the best personalised Smart Home Entertainment System possible - or help you get the best out of your existing set-up.

We can also help when it comes to finishing touches like giving advise on supplying TV’s & entertainment cabinets. We can even organise, and project manage painters/plasterers etc to make things easy for you.


Leaving you ‘ready to go’

The job isn’t finished until everything is sorted and you know exactly how to operate the ‘simple to use’ control interface we’ve agreed on.

You might just need something simple done

We’re also here if you just want help with one off things like improving your TV reception, installing Freeview, reticulating SKY TV around your home, or setting up a new stereo system etc.

Other things you might like to know about Vision…

  • We’re friendly, proven and good to deal with. We treat all customers as important. The person using us for a $80.50 service call gets the same customer experience as someone spending $100K.
    Please see our customer case studies and testimonials.
  • As representatives for most of the top international brands and products we offer a vast range of technology options.
  • We offer guaranteed follow up and support.
  • We’re locally owned and operated and have been experts in this field for over 20 years.

Get in touch…

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is call us or drop in to our showroom at 30 Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin.

0800 508 538 / (03) 477 2898

smart audio visual solutions