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Digital TV

Our extensive experience in the digital reception field, combined with leading edge equipment and components makes Vision your ‘one stop shop’ for all digital TV viewing options.

If you’re running something like a bar you’ll know that when the ‘big game’ is on system failure is not an option. We get that, and always provide the best quality systems design, products, and workmanship. Once installation is complete we also deliver a specialised back-up service and provide any training required.

Whatever your needs are we can custom design and install a commercial digital television system tailored individually to your business’s need. This might be one discreet TV satellite dish and aerial on your building feeding a couple of televisions, or it could be the supply and installation of several hundred televisions across your complex.

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is call us and talk to a Digital TV Design Consultant.



We’ve been installing SKY TV in the commercial sector since the beginning…

Since 1994, Vision has been one of the largest contracted suppliers of installation services to SKY TV NZ in the South Island.  During that time we’ve built a technical understanding of SKY’s Digital technology that’s second to none. Combining this specialised expertise with our experience in the design and installation of TV systems we offer the unique ability to seamlessly integrate ALL aspects of your entertainment systems.

We design and install SKY Business systems for:

  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Motels and Hotels
  • Digital MATV Headends
  • IPTV Headends
  • Apartments and Townhouses
  • Retail 
  • Offices/Staffrooms/Boardrooms and General Office Areas

Here are examples of some of the more common of SKY installations we do:

  • Small Club, Bar or Retail - a single SKY decoder is installed to one TV. The decoder is installed behind a bar or in a cupboard with cabling running to the TV. SKY refers to this as the 'Single Channel System'.
  • Motel or Hotel TV System Designs - several SKY decoders are located in one location (equipment room/AV rack) and reticulated to multiple TVs. The number of TVs is flexible and dependent on the requirements. We can design a system to reticulate multiple SKY channels from one to 200 TVs or more. SKY refers to this as the “multiple channel system”.
  • Motel or Hotel Accommodation – one individual SKY decoder is installed per room/TV giving the user individual control of the SKY receiver. SKY refers to this as 'Guest Select'.


High Definition TV Distribution Systems

We can design and install HD distribution systems so you can take advantage of SKY’s High Definition (HD) transmissions. This allows cliental to view all SKY channels in crisp, clear, high definition.

These systems are common in bars with multiple large screen TV’s for viewing multi SKY sports channels, as well as retail environments etc. HD distribution systems are custom designed to allow the bar’s Duty Manager to select individual TV’s SKY Sport channels for each TV.

Don’t fall into the trap of showing poor quality TV pictures to a bar full of keen sport spectators. Do so and they’ll probably will move onto the next bar. A well designed HD TV distribution system enables people to be fully immersed into the viewing experience. That means ‘happy punters’.


Freeview TV

In Late 2013 television in New Zealand underwent the biggest change since colour was introduced in 1974 - the switch from analogue TV to a digital transmission system called Freeview TV.

We custom design and install Freeview TV systems for many businesses. See our contact details below if you’d like to discuss how we can help you with this.

Click here to see the Freeview section in the Home Entertainment & Technologies area of our website for full details on:

  • Freeview HD – High Definition Digital UHF TV
    Land based transmission in the main centres only - via UHF aerials
  • Freeview Satellite – Standard Definition Digital Satellite TV
    Available nationwide via satellite dishes
  • History – Analogue to Digital TV Switchover


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