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Digital Signage

We live in a visual world, and digital signage is a great way of getting the viewer to intuitively understand key information.

Digital signage is used across the globe to:

  • Effectively Communicate with people in their workplace, public area or educational facility
    (as seen below at Otago Polytechnic)
  • Reduce costs of printed media, and environmental impact thereof
  • Integrate with queue management systems in busy public spaces
  • Show emergency and safety briefing information, as seen at the Speight's Brewery Tour in Dunedin
  • Direct visitors with interactive and searchable maps
  • Show messages in multiple translations more efficiently.



How Digital Signage Works: Hardware and Software

Digital signage consists of one or more display screens which are all connected to a content management system. This gives you full control over what to display, and how to display it: individual screens can show separate information, or screens can be linked to function as one large display. The large display wall seen above with screens showing choreographed yet separate content was installed by Vision at the Otago Polytechnic.

While the number, size and resolution of the screens are determined by the dimensions of your space, the software and content management system are where the magic happens. The Vision team use media players and software by ONELAN, a global digital communications company headquartered in the UK. Thousands of their 4K and HD digital media players have been installed worldwide across many industries, from retail to education and hospitality.  

There is a wide range of hardware and software for digital signage available on the market. The best solution for you depends on your specific requirements. That's where the team at Vision come in: we will assess your space(s), ask you quite a few questions, and then recommend the solution best suited to your needs and budget.

Black ONELAN player, front view with controls.

Content You Can Show on Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used for all kinds of multimedia information. Your static image can be displayed as a time lapse or for a set time, or you can set multiple static images in slide show mode. The image can be broken up into different sections of the screen or display. These can also be displayed at the same time. As well as static images, digital signage can show moving videos, HTML5 web pages, RSS and social media feeds, live streams, and pretty much any other digital asset you want to show.

The ONELAN software gives the Vision team a lot of flexibility when it comes to showing your content: we can define the number and positioning of display zones, and use transparency to layer zones. And as part of the installation process, we will show you how to make changes yourself through the content management system. Or if needed, we're always just a phone call away.


See Digital Signage in Action

Chances are you have seen at least one of the digital signage Vision have installed in Dunedin and across Otago:

  • Otago Polytechnic
  • Golden Centre
  • Edgar Centre
  • Taieri College
  • Crowne Plaza Queenstown
  • Cooke Howlison Dunedin
  • Speight's Brewery Dunedin (Safety Briefing)
  • Spitfire Restaurant & Diggers Tavern Mosgiel
  • Caversham Medical Centre


Multiple screens above the serving area show the menu of the fast food restaurant.


You can also visit our showroom on Portsmouth Drive (opposite the Harbour Mouth Molars) to see our digital signage in action, and for a demonstration of its many uses and applications. 

During Vision's consultation process, we always start by assessing your space and requirements, and then recommend the best solution for your needs. Book a consultation with one of Vision's project managers.


Are you a digital agency?

You do the creative work, and we make it shine with the best digital signage solution for your client. We have long-standing relationships with national and regional digital agencies including Red Dog Digital, Ten Four and others. When it comes to installing digital signage for your clients, we can cover the southern half of the South Island.

Get in touch…

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is call us or drop in to our showroom at 30 Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin.

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