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Audio Loops

If your space has a public address system for over 100 people, building regulations require that you have an assistive listening system. You'll find them in the likes of churches, courtrooms or museums. When outfitting a public space like a church or auditorium with an assistive listening system, we often integrate hearing loops into existing audio systems. Our preferred hearing loop products are by Univox who supply the foil, amplifiers and software we need.

Images below show one of our recent installations at the Reformed Church in Dunedin. For the church, we installed the foil before the flooring went down, and created a hearing loop area that encompasses most of the hall. The loop now integrates with the existing audio system, allowing all visitors to hear spoken words at a volume that's right for them. Those who have hearing aids can just sit down, switch their aids to the T position and adjust their volume as needed. And those who are hearing impaired, but don't have hearing aids can use the Univox headphones and listener on site.

Remember that any current assistive hearing system has to be checked annually. Our Project Manager and registered IQP Kevin Moylan is qualified to carry out these checks for you.

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smart audio visual solutions