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If you have a hearing impairment, then audio loops can increase your quality of life, in your home as well as in public spaces. You can have an audio loop or another assistive listening system installed at home. The system connects to your hearing aid and amplifies sound so you don't have to turn the volume way up on the TV. The Vision team refer to this system as a sofa loop, as we'll often install it under your sofa or chair.

Univox is a leading company from the UK that has been designing Assistive Listening Systems since 1965. Their systems are designed to comply with New Zealand building codes of practice. Our team here at Vision use Univox products for home installations like a sofa loop, as well as large area loop systems in a church or auditorium. Univox also make specialist systems for more secure listening in situations like courtrooms or the boardroom.

Such assistive listening systems are compulsory in public buildings of certain sizes and uses. You'll find them in the likes of churches, courtrooms or museums. When outfitting a public space like a church or auditorium with an assistive listening system, we often integrate hearing loops into existing audio systems. If we start from scratch, in a new build or during renovations, the Univox PLS-X5 loop amplifier would be the perfect start. The Vision team might install this with the Univox advanced loop design software to ensure the best results to cover the whole room.

Our Project Manager Kevin Moylan says: "We want everyone to have the same high quality audio experience, whether they are hearing impaired or not. In a dream scenario, I would match the Univox amplifier and software to a Bosch PLE 2MA240 public address amplifier, driving Bosch LB20-PC60-8 speakers. To bring it together, the Soundweb BSS Blu digital Sound Processor would keep the Mipro ACT311B-BP-6 radio microphones working at their best for the room acoustics. And to integrate any visuals, we could then match all of this with an Epson EB-L610U laser projector and Grandview GV-GRIPRC120H motorized screen."

In addition to fitting new assistive listening systems, our Project Manager Kevin Moylan is a registered IQP (Independent Qualified Person) and licensed to test, inspect and maintain SS12 systems including audio loops and other assistive listening systems in any building requiring a BWoF.

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smart audio visual solutions