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ONELAN is the global leader when it comes to developing and managing digital signage media players.

Locations using ONELAN signage players range from educational institutions, hospitality, restaurants, health care, airports, retail and many more. The easy to use player interface makes your signage easy to manage, and gives you full control over the content shown. You can display any digital media, and also schedule and/or time lapse content like event information. The ONELAN system can also be used for building way finding to help you find a specific place in large areas or complexes with multiple buildings. Each player is attached to a screen, and is controlled centrally.

Whether it is a Panasonic or LG screen, this system will enhance your advertising and reduce your carbon footprint, eliminating the need to print posters. Internationally, digital signage is the fastest growing advertising platform. And locally, you have most likely seen a ONELAN system in action, installed by the Vision team. Read on for local examples.

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smart audio visual solutions