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Giving you access to the top audio and visual product suppliers

Over the last 25 years Vision has developed close relationships with the top audio and visual suppliers in the market.

As a result we offer one of the widest product ranges in the South Island.  That means we can match your requirements with the best solutions in terms of quality and budget. 


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Yamaha is renowned for components with high performance and easy integrated, providing a solution for every home entertainment system.

Established in Japan in 1887, the company originally manufactured reed organs and pianos. Yamaha has since grown into a multinational organisation manufacturing a broad range of sound related products.

The corporation produced its first amplifier for home use in 1955. Since then, Yamaha has continued to expand, producing a high quality range of home theatre and entertainment products that combine the most recent technology and elegance principles.

Today, Yamaha Music is that the world's biggest and only musical product manufacturer offering such a comprehensive range of instruments and music related equipment (including highly regarded Yamaha speakers and residential theatre componentry).

At every level, whether for novice, professional musician or home theatre and HIFI fans, the company focuses on providing superior quality, craftsmanship, innovative designs and value for money.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio’s world-class design team (based in the heart of London) combines many decades of expertise to create hi-fi systems and other home audio products that sound nothing short of sensational. What Cambridge Audio does to your music will really blow you away. That’s because great things happen when people who love music design hi-fi.

Getting the foundations right

Cambridge build their products from the bottom up, without compromise. Key components such as transformers and CD transports have to be absolutely spot on, which is why off-the-shelf parts often aren’t good enough. Cambridge design bespoke elements. Once these key pieces of architecture are in place they carefully match them to a huge array of ancillary components hand-selected by the company’s engineers.

Sound comes first

Cambridge say that “being finicky and fastidious is the only way to achieve the level of sound quality we strive for”. Read more about their philosophy:

“Everything we do is driven by a single, guiding premise — creating the best sound experience possible. Each Cambridge Audio product is painstakingly designed, developed and prototyped in London. Every capacitor, transistor and piece of cable that goes into our products plays its own vital part.”

“We aim to show fellow music lovers that their favourite tracks can be taken to another dimension by our audio products. We love music and we’re proud of what we do. Our passion for listening to great music and the fun we have in the process of creating the products we make shines through, for all to see and hear. We’re all music lovers, plain and simple and we want to share that love… because great things happen when people who love music, design hi-fi!”

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SpeakerCraft’s story is one of innovation, determination and a drive to provide technology that makes a difference to people’s lives. From its genesis over thirty years ago as a small retail storefront in the USA, the company began producing loudspeakers for motor homes. This led to SpeakerCraft creating the first in-wall speaker and in doing so igniting an industry.

SpeakerCraft provides the entire range of playback products, from speakers to amplifiers to control systems. These blend the sounds you enjoy with the life you live. Beautiful music, important news, the weather, traffic, even talk-radio, in every room of your home. To hear conventional cabinet speakers you must stay in front of them, confined to the room where they are. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to listen to your favourite music anywhere living takes you.

SpeakerCraft states the following benefits of using their products in your Home:

  • Next-Gen, cutting-edge technology.
  • Ease of install—enabling installers to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy and fun to operate - SpeakerCraft gives total control of music and movies at the touch of a button .
  • Music everywhere—SpeakerCraft brings music and movies to every room of the home, and even outside. Listen to your favourite playlist, internet radio channel, or subscription service anywhere in the home.
  • Eliminate room clutter by placing speakers in the ceilings and walls. Eliminate remote control clutter with an easy-to-use touchscreen or iPhone interface.
  • SpeakerCraft speakers are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Blending high fidelity and architecture

Niles is a company focused on providing high–quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and light commercial markets. Throughout its history Niles has played a major role in transforming whole house audio/video and home theatre from a hobbyist pastime into a thriving, highly professional industry. Niles has grown by continuously refining its existing products, inventing new ones, and always delivering extraordinary value.

A company founded on solutions

Since 1978, Niles has been a solutions–based company. The company’s first product was a switching system designed to help audio retailers demonstrate speakers and amplifiers. These switchers were highly effective at simplifying the retail selling process. The salesperson no longer had to manually disconnect and reconnect wires every time a customer wanted to audition a different component.

Today, Niles is focused on providing high–quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and light commercial markets. Niles is proud to have played a major role in the transformation of whole–house audio/video and home theatre from a hobbyist pastime into a thriving industry.

Loudspeakers for every function

Niles’ extensive loudspeaker line is guided by the simple concept of “Form Follows Function.” Responding to suggestions, perceived problems and opportunities from dealers, installers, and end-users, Niles engineers design each speaker to deliver outstanding value and performance in a particular application. 

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For over 30 years Paradigm speakers have set the standard for innovation and technology. Innovative design, advanced materials and state-of-the-art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing.

From the blockbuster Cinema Series to the sensational affordable audiophile Monitor Series. From in-walls to on-walls, to subwoofers that deliver special effects and deep, deep bass, speakers for the patio, the boat…or rock monitors that nestle discreetly in a backyard setting, Paradigm speakers set the standard for superior sound.

Don’t settle for less than the spectacular sound of Paradigm when it comes to the finest in music and home theatre performance — the speaker of choice for even the most critical listener.

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Klipsch Audio Technologies produce loudspeaker drivers and enclosures, also as complete loudspeakers for top end, hi-fi sound systems, public address applications, and private computers.

The company was founded in Hope, Arkansas in 1946 as 'Klipsch and Associates' by Paul W. Klipsch Klipsch who built on horn loaded speaker technology, bringing it into the home in smaller form. The company's debut product, the Klipschorn, received a patent in 1945 and still remains in production today.

Many of the company's products still incorporate the basic horn principles (low distortion coupled with high output and high sensitivity, analogous to a cheerleader's bullhorn) using mechanical design to naturally amplify a signal and keeping the electronic portion to a minimum.

Klipsch has morphed into a global consumer electronics force, not only through its diverse product range that stretches across numerous loudspeaker categories and applications, but also through its acquisition of numerous competitors (Energy, Jamo, and Mirage).


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems.

RTI's guiding passion is to create products that enhance the user’s day-to-day experience. Achieving this requires true innovation and commitment to every detail of product design. RTI demands that the product experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable. This philosophy sets RTI apart from their competition.

The company’s wide array of award-winning, handheld and in-wall universal controllers, central processors, audio distribution systems and accessories are marketed exclusively through a worldwide network of professional integrators.

For complete control and monitoring over electronic systems from virtually anywhere in the world, the power of RTI is available on iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Android™ devices through the company’s RTiPanel application. Likewise, the award-winning RTI Virtual Panel program offers access and control via any PC running Microsoft® Windows®.

All RTI solutions are programmed through the company’s world-renowned Integration Designer® software, easily allowing dealers to provide a completely customisable user interface for intuitive command over the entire electronics system.

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Pro Control is a division of Remote Technologies Inc., an award-winning manufacturer of innovative home control products for nearly 20 years. Combining advanced capabilities with great value, Pro Control programmable remote controls, professional-grade control systems and accessories provide the ultimate control solution for professionally installed entertainment systems.

In 2011 the Pro Control Pro24.z remote and ProLink.z processor received Custom Retailer magazine’s EXC!TE Award in recognition of their innovation and high performance.

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Panasonic was formed in Japan in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita, originally as Matsushita Electric manufacturing high quality household electrical fixtures.  Panasonic New Zealand has been a fully established sales company since 1998. With core offerings of consumer electronics and business solutions it is dedicated to ‘improving the lives of the people of New Zealand through our products’. The company’s brand promise is “A better life, a better world”.

As a brand partner of Panasonic, Vision utilises the vast range of Panasonic Viera TV’s in our smart audio visual system design. Vision’s A/V designers fully understand the range of technologies available from Panasonic Home Theatre TV displays. This enables us to supply you with the display that best fits with your functionality needs and budget. We’ve found clients prefer this method rather than being confused by retail stores where they are confronted with dozens of options.

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Vogel's is known globally for its excellent range of mounting solutions for LCD, plasma and LED screens, audio visual equipment, and tablets. All products are developed to add an extra dimension to personal comfort.

We have has a long established relationship with the Vogel's range. Our AV designers utilise their understanding of this range by incorporating the right solution when wall mounting your TV, projector or speakers

Your family’s safety is key, so we’ll ensure the correct Vogel's mount is selected to match the weight of your display product.  

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Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Blustream is the creation of an ambitious team of AV product managers. Utilising a wealth of experience from the consumer electronics and multi-room AV industry, it has set about delivering HDMI distribution products that offer more for the AV architect and installer in terms of product features - and more in terms of value for money.

Working with a product development team that spans three continents it has the unique ability to gain vital market feedback with a global perspective. This has enabled Blustream to develop a range of products that boasts unrivalled real world features that in turn enhance the ability of AV products in any environment.

By using the range of Blustream products in our design, we’re is able to reticulate My SKY and Bluray hi-definition pictures to all  TV’s throughout your home from one set of devices in your lounge. The Blustream product also makes it possible to control your SKY and Bluray individually from each room.  As a standard all Blustream products offer 4K TV resolution support.

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