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Control & Automation

Tailored control and automation solutions to make your life easier

Technologies have changed so much in recent years that it can all be a bit ‘mind boggling’. By utilising our home automation designs Vision’s clients are ‘buffered’ from the complexities of technology with simple to use interfaces.

These systems are capable of controlling all the electronics in your home including TV’s, sound systems, heating, lighting and security. They are also totally scalable, be it controlling one room or the whole house, i.e. the complete ‘Smart Home’. 

Smart Control Systems

Customised control of your audio visual devices

Using brands such as RTi and ProControl we will design and commission a customised solution enabling control of all the AV devices throughout your home.

There are several options with these technologies depending on budget and functionality requirements. Control can be from a simple touch button keypad or from your iPad or tablet.

Our smart control systems can run your home’s electronics including TV’s, sound systems, heating, lighting and security. By letting us enable your ‘smart home’ with this kind of simple, centralised control we can make things a whole lot easier for you and your family.

Universal Remotes

Control everything from one simple remote control

Home automation comes in all shapes and sizes. Often ‘keeping it simple’ means supplying you with a Universal Remote Control that’s priced to meet your budget.

One of our technicians will take all your remote controls (TV, SKY, DVD etc) and programme them onto one simple to use Universal Remote Control. They’ll ensure it works easily and make sure you understand how to use it.

You can then lock away all the old remotes and control each of your home entertainment devices from one easy to use device. No more confusion, no more multi-remote control headaches.

Universal remotes are priced from as little as $30 plus programming charges.

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smart audio visual solutions